Saturday, October 17, 2009

Watch Portsmouth vs Tottenham Hotspur live streaming EPL



Tottenham Hotspur

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October 17, 2009 - 8:00pm(GMT+6:00) England Premier League Live

Portsmouth has been placed at the bottom of the points table pretty much from the beginning of the season. Their manager Paul Hart has failed to impress as the team has won only one match from all eight matches played so far, settling them with only three points. Their dismal play and poor run can be proven from the fact that they had lost seven straight games before they could win one. Meagre attack, sloppy passing, weak defence, lack of strategy, poor communication, low fitness are some factors that have led to their miserable performances. Their management need to work upon their fitness as well as training regimes and give more opportunities to the younger players along with the experienced ones so as to give them the necessary exposure.

Tottenham on the other hand have had a dream run this season. Placed comfortable on the third position in the points table, they have surely surprised everyone with their brilliant play and team work. Having won five of their eight matches this season, they have sealed in fifteen comfortable points. Crouch has been a great find for Tottenham. His height has helped him score off many high shots that his opponents could hardly reach. Besides, Kranjcar and Roy Keane have too been great with the attacking. Jenas and Lennon have very brilliantly bound together the whole team creating moves, and maintaining the right tempo of their side.

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